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We build company growth with audience-first digital experiences

Engine 9 Design is a Philadelphia-based full-service digital marketing agency offering creative design, with a forward-thinking focus on web development and graphic design services. We enjoy working with small business entrepreneurs, established organizations and worldwide companies.

We believe collaboration brings success

Our clients are enthusiastic about their business and what they do. Engine 9 Design is here because that enthusiasm is what motivates us to translate their stories in a creative and dynamic way. The better we dig ourselves into what you do, the more we share your excitement and the more effectively we can separate you from your competition.

One of the hallmark qualities of the best web design companies is their ability to adapt to client requests. Engine 9 Design’s versatility allows us to produce top-notch material to any specification and format. For example, cutting-edge marketing options include video books and motion graphics that will leave your audience not only impressed but also engaged. As a result, they’ll want to learn more about what your company has to offer.

On the other hand, when simplicity is required, Engine 9 Design can create straightforward yet stunning designs that will catch the eye of your audience. Marketing tools such as mailers, posters and business cards may seem old school but with Engine 9 Design behind the wheel, these branding types can be highly effective.

Our collaborative process, creative direction and approach to marketing will enable our team to establish a partnership to meet any challenge. 

Bruce Drob
Owner – Interactive Development

Co-leading the team, Bruce offers a unique combination of creative and technical skills. His involvement in the creative arts extends from being a versatile graphic designer to a print, publishing and web specialist with almost 30 years experience. 

A native of the Philadelphia area, Bruce co-founded Engine 9 Design LLC to expand his business acumen, develop challenging new project relationships and offer cost-effective creative solutions for customers.

Outside of work, he enjoys photography, reading and collecting music memorabilia.

Noemi Quinn
Owner – Creative Designer

Co-leading the team, Noemi brings over 20 years of experience designing marketing materials for print, web and social media.

With a natural eye for design, she enjoys being creative and exploring new approaches. Noemi is a problem solver and determined when working on a new project. As a Latina and native Spanish speaker, she brings diversity to her designs.

When not designing, she loves traveling to experience nature, her main source of inspiration.

We don’t just build websites, we make lasting connections!

Our clients continue to communicate to us about compliments they receive from contemporaries regarding their websites and original materials. Ride with Engine 9 Design for your next creative adventure. A fun and workable solution is waiting here for you and your team.

“Engine 9 helped me design a website from the ground up. They made innovative design suggestions I hadn’t thought of and assembled my ideas into a flowing, interactive site. Engine 9 maintains the website ahead of schedule and refreshes it with coming events and recent history. I have attracted new members through Bruce and Noemi’s site!”

Adam Colombo
RTI Racing – Team Captain/Owner/Driver

“After a single meeting with Bruce and Noemi explaining what I would like as far as a website and new logo, they delivered all that and more! They were able to parlay my thoughts into designs above and beyond my wishes. I truly appreciate their attention to details and tweaking my ideas into a site I am proud to display.”

Portabellas Catering – Owner

“Our website needed updating in a unique way to serve its customers more efficiently. The site needed many add-ons, as there were many layers to the site rebuild. Bruce and Noemi create websites that are equally beautiful and functional, expertly handles SEO, and designs the allied pieces to further your brand identity. Both understand the customers visiting your site, what they need, how they think, and what to do to keep them on your site.”

Kelly Maher
Marketing Manager