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Motion Graphics

Motion graphics can do wonders for your business. It helps to tell your brand’s story in a way that is quick and easy to understand. But most importantly, it creates an emotional connection with your audience that will guide them to take action.

Skills: After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Client: Engine 9 Design

RTI Video Book

The RTI racing team is growing in visibility and decided to explore a video book program to attract potential drivers and sponsors. RTI racing team requested many different options such as a different video book designs with various screen size options. Also, different finished papers and coatings (soft touch, hard cover, etc.)  were discussed as well as, business card sized slits, a pocket to hold an introduction letter or an insert sheet. The final creative program presentation to the client lead to additional video book opportunities.

Skills: Adobe Creative Cloud, HTML5 digital guide software, Product construction and manufacturing

Client: RTI Racing

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Exelon Self Mailer

Creative development of an EMERGENCY PLANNING postcard, distributed to residents, workers and visitors within 10 miles of an Exelon nuclear power plant in the Northeast region of the US. The information gathered by this postcard is CONFIDENTIAL and is only provided to public safety agencies to assist during an emergency. 

Additionally, a website was developed for Exelon to provide safety information and facts to the local communities,  surrounding the 5 nuclear generator sites in the Northeast region.

Skills: Adobe Creative CloudWordPress, HTML, CSS, Divi Visual Page Builder

Client: Exelon

Website: exelonemergencyplan.info


Engine-9 Design’s vision was to create a completely inconclusive and sustainable experience for fine homemade cuisine customers – so we’ve kept the prices on the lower end, yet ensured we used top-quality collaboration methods, set goals and delivered a winning identity solution. Our vision for the branding was to use lots of beautiful home touches and creative table scapes, giving the appearance of delicious homemade goodness for all occasions.

Skills: Adobe Creative Cloud: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

Client: Portabellas Catering

Website: https://portabellascatering.com

Uniting Families Poster Spanish

Esperanza is a Philadelphia based non-profit organization that empowers the Hispanic community.

The purpose of this poster was to invite the Philadelphia community to an educational workshop about comprehensive immigration reform. Congressman Luis Gutierrez was invited to share his “Uniting Families” Campaign with the community. The target audience was Hispanic families.

We chose to use a photo of a happy young couple with their daughter to convey the importance of family staying together. Bright colors and a bold font was used to grab more attention to the poster.

Skills: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

Client: Esperanza

Website: www.esperanza.us



Editorial support that highlights the important recognition of National Sunglass Day in the Optical Eyewear industry.

This feature story appeared the highly-regarded EyeCare Professional magazine distributed to over 25,000 professionals in the eye care industry.

Skills: Adobe Creative Cloud, HTML

Client: Dispensing Optician